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Hi there - I'm Anyelis!

When diverse leaders are trained to transmute survival mode from fear to fuel, they untap their potential, play to their powerful strengths, and contribute to a greater purpose. It creates a ripple effect: they become self-actualized, thrive emotionally, build generational wealth, invest in their communities and pay it forward to the next generation.

When I was in college, I didn't realize that being the first in my family in the US to pursue a degree meant I’d have a lifetime of firsts.  After graduating, I spent 4yrs working in the non-profit sector, earned a master’s in HR Management, then spent a decade trying to climb the perpetual corporate ladder, often feeling stuck, lost or like an imposter that wasn’t doing enough.  There are unique challenges that come with being a first-gen student, professional, and diverse leader. It took me 15yrs to learn how to navigate my career without compromising the multiple dimensions of diversity that make me my most authentic self. Along the journey, I also mastered how to attract & develop high-performing diverse leaders through engaging trainings and coaching.

Now as a Career & Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Speaker, I develop leaders and empower first-gen students & professionals.

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I help organizations train their diverse leaders to be high performers who show up authentically and drive innovation & impact.

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I encourage first-gen students to prepare for career opportunities and teach them how to navigate the workforce.

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I empower first-gen professionals with the knowledge, tools and social capital to build their career & life       on purpose.

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