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My courageous Afro-Chinese-Cuban mother migrated to Union City, NJ with child in tote (4yr old me) as part of a US sponsored political refugee program, with nothing but hope for a better future.  Thanks to the generosity & grace of our comunidad, we were able to plant roots for our familia.  As a first generation immigrant, like many immigrants and children of immigrants, I grew up with that fire in my soul to achieve the American Dream, the pressure to make mom’s sacrifices worthwhile and a deep desire to pay forward the kindness that paved the path of opportunity for us.

What I didn't realize was that being the first generation in the US meant I’d have a lifetime of challenging firsts.  First to attend & graduate from college, first to have a professional career, first to earn a masters, first to work in Corporate America, first to own a profitable business.  There are unique challenges that come with being a first-gen student, professional & business owner.  Being the first means we often don’t have a blueprint & lack the resources needed to reach our highest potential.

It’s taken me 15yrs (and a lot of therapy & coaching) to learn how to manage limiting beliefs, navigate imposter syndrome, not compromise my diverse identity, stop caring about lo que digan la gente, and create a fulfilling life.  El “secreto” is getting clear about purpose, harnessing the power of our experiences, consistent use of tools that maximize our performance & embodying our highest potential.  

Now, as an HR Consultant & Coach, I primarily work with latine owned first gen business owners and leaders at organizations committed to empowering first gen students & professionals.  The mission of POP is to empower first gens to grow, lead & build generational wealth aka achieve the ultimate American Dream.

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