$499.00 USD

EQi-2.0 Leadership Self-Assessment and Coaching Debrief

This EQ Assessment & Coaching Call is designed for any leader who wants to gain a deeper understanding of their Emotional Intelligence in order to be a more confident and effective leaders.

This 1hr virtual coaching call format includes:

  • Understand your leadership objectives; team objectives, current situation, short and long-term goals

  • Debrief the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership self-assessment

  • Discuss development plan with application of the four 4P framework for strategic, purpose-driven leadership with intentionality to current role: Perception, Process, People and Projection

The EQ Executive Summary will:

  • Show your 3 highest and 3 lowest EQ scales.
  • Compare your results to the EQ Leadership Benchmark
  • Identify areas where you excel
  • Flag skills in need of development in order to prioritize strategies for growth.