You're First-Gen If...

You're the first in your family in the USA to...


If any one of these is true, not only are you a trailblazer because you're the first, you're a damn unicorn.  

How I can Empower You...

12 Weeks

1:1 Coaching Container

I'm a First-Gen Leader:

  • ready to invest in developing skills to become a more effective leader who empowers others 
  • craving to do the deep work on the 4 interior empires (mindset, heart set, health set & soul set) to experience a business & life transformation
  • wanting a greater sense of meaning, fulfillment and happiness in business & life
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What to Expect from Coaching...


As a Coach I serve as a "divine mirror" that reflects the thoughts & emotions you directly or indirectly show through words, body language & masked expressions.  By engaging in dialogue with an unbiased, non-judgmental party AND taking action steps, you'll gain clarity. To make any career & life change, you have to be very clear on your why & embark on the journey with a sense of direction.

Coaching gives you clarity.


There's a common misconception that confidence is innate or a fixed attribute - you either are or are not.  Social science research affirms that confidence is the outcome of the thoughts we think AND the actions we take. In Coaching, we delve deep into limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, fears & anything that blocks your ability to recognize, own & express your powerful talents, gifts & skills.

Coaching boosts your confidence.


That life where you become self-actualized, that life that's fulfilling, has deep meaning & brings you joy... it doesn't exist in the comfort zone.  As your Coach, I encourage you to push past the survival mode, step into your power & pursue your greatest potential. Through mindset activation & strategic actions, you will muster the courage to show up boldly & work, lead & live on purpose.

Coaching is a catalyst for courage.