You're First-Gen If...

You're the first in your family in the USA to...


If any one of these is true, not only are you a trailblazer because you're the first, you're a damn unicorn.  

Victoria in CA, Sr. Manager of Enterprise Programs in SaaS Company

"Working with Anyelis, I gained gems & guidance that empowered me to change the adverse narrative plaguing me as a first-gen professional.  I replaced it with acknowledgement, understanding & the confidence needed to shift and work on my next dream career.  The resume update, LinkedIn optimization & interview coaching helped me land countless discovery calls & interviews in 2 months time. I had the clarity & self-assurance to pass on offers that did not fit my expectations which ultimately led to a new role at a company whose values & leadership more closely align to my purpose & personality. And it came with a salary bump too!"

I'm Ready, Coach!

Most People Look for a Coach When...

"I NEED help with my resume!" 

As a career coach with a decade of corporate HR experience, most people come to me because they want to update their resume.  They want it updated tomorrow, because they want to leave their job asap! And THAT is the problem. Most people wait until they can’t take it anymore to take action.  You don't have to wait until the "Sunday Scaries" overwhelm you to the point of anxiety or for your work situation to get so toxic you want to quit without another opportunity lined up.  

You are talented, full of experiences AND you have options! 

What you need, first & foremost is a clarity - of intention, desire, direction & outcomes.   And then we can strategize on the process of shifting toward a life that feels fulfilling.

Let's explore why you're stuck in you're career & how to propel toward a career that aligns with your purpose, power & potential.  

How I can Empower You...

1 Session

In-Person or Virtual Workshop

I'm a First-Gen That Wants To:

  • invest in a professional development workshop
  • gain expert information, tools and practical application of insights that will sharpen a particular skill, grow knowledge base and empower career growth
  • expand my professional network, put myself out there & engage with other first-gen professionals   
Attend Next Workshop

6 Weeks

Professional Development Program

I'm a Entry-Mid Level First-Gen Latina:

  • wanting to manage my career, improve performance & increase pay
  • needing to learn how to navigate workplace politics, align to key players (mentors, sponsors, allies) & access stretch projects
  • seeking to expand my professional presence & influence perception of my brand in authentic way
Join the Wait List

16 Weeks+

1:1 Coaching Container

I'm a Mid Level+ First-Gen Professional:

  • ready to invest in developing leadership skills & further grow in my career
  • craving to do the deep work on the 4 interior empires (mindset, heart set, health set & soul set) to experience a career & life transformation
  • wanting to intentionally elevate my professional brand & network
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What to Expect from Coaching...


As a Coach I serve as a "divine mirror" that reflects the thoughts & emotions you directly or indirectly show through words, body language & masked expressions.  By engaging in dialogue with an unbiased, non-judgmental party AND taking action steps, you'll gain clarity. To make any career & life change, you have to be very clear on your why & embark on the journey with a sense of direction.

Coaching gives you clarity.


There's a common misconception that confidence is innate or a fixed attribute - you either are or are not.  Social science research affirms that confidence is the outcome of the thoughts we think AND the actions we take. In Coaching, we delve deep into limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, fears & anything that blocks your ability to recognize, own & express your powerful talents, gifts & skills.

Coaching boosts your confidence.


That life where you become self-actualized, that life that's fulfilling, has deep meaning & brings you joy... it doesn't exist in the comfort zone.  As your Coach, I encourage you to push past the survival mode, step into your power & pursue your greatest potential. Through mindset activation & strategic actions, you will muster the courage to show up boldly & work, lead & live on purpose.

Coaching is a catalyst for courage.

The POP Coaching Method...

Think career therapy session meets mindful meditation with your biggest cheerleader hyping you up as you delve deep into the HEART, MIND, BODY & SOUL.

That might not sound like traditional career coaching - it's not; we don't do basic here! Though I very much draw upon my behavior science education, decade long HR & industry expertise, and get practical when strategizing, I also believe that personal & professional development should be an engaging & dynamic process.  Sure, you may shed tears (90% of my clients doAND you may also partake in a dance break.

My approach is to create a container where you feel safe, seen, heard, understood, celebrated and challenged in the best way, while having fun 'cause life's too short not to enjoy the process of pursuing your purpose.

Krystal in NY, Education Administrator pivoting to HR

"Being first-gen means navigating a career change is challenging. The doubts that you can’t change careers can keep you complacent. Having a career coach that empowers you to see your potential is the support you need on your journey after graduating from college especially since it doesn’t stop there. Working with Anyelis helped me believe in myself again & I learned the tools to find my next, dream job.

The IMPACT of Working with Me...

Zoraida in TX, Process Engineer 

"Anyelis's knowledge & expertise empowered me to view things in a different perspective which enabled me to create the mind shift I so much needed."

Jasmina in NY, LGBTQ+ Training & Engagement Advocate

"Working with Anyelis was a deeply transformative experience. She provided me with new ways to think about job searches beyond arbitrary & fluctuating job titles & to focus on finding a position that honestly fits my ideals, ethics & needs."

Jackelyn in OR, Manager of Partnership Integration

"As a result of our time together, I landed a role with a great company back home on the West Coast so that I could be closer to family AND I earned a 10% salary increase in the process. Anyelis is and continues to be an incredible & valuable resource for me & I highly recommend her coaching."


Self-Sabotaging by...

Playing Small

Own Your POWER

Worrying About $urviving


Following Passion


Ilyan in NJ, from Education to Entrepreneurship

"As a first-gen college grad & child of immigrant parents, my sole purpose for attaining my college diploma was to get a good paying job & career.  I never had the opportunity to do much exploration or soul searching on what made me feel fulfilled.  For 12yrs, I grew through the ranks at a high-performing charter school network - from Classroom Teacher to eventually an Assistant Principal at the high school. I was making six figures, I loved my students, there was mutual love and respect for my teammates, and I felt like I was doing important work. I had always measured success by these factors and up until this point, I loved my job. But the truth is, I was no longer fulfilled.

Anyelis blessed me with aha moments within 5 minutes into our first session.  She was so relatable and created a safe space for me to be my authentic self.  She helped me realize how although my first-gen experience had allowed me to reach the success I had attained, it had also instilled a survival-mode mindset that filled me with fear of the unknown - one that was keeping me at a job that no longer served me.  After a few coaching sessions, I was able to identify what my strengths were and how they could be used in anything I chose to do next.  I submitted my resignation letter after 12 years at my job and within a few months, launched two different businesses - one for educational consulting and leadership coaching and another for event planning.

I had the audacity to quit my secure, high-paying job in the middle of the pandemic and at the start of my first pregnancy. And guess what?

I’m thriving. I’m happy. I’m fulfilled.  And everyday, I get to do what I love.

I am so grateful for Anyelis. She has been there to celebrate each of my milestones and because of her coaching, I finally had the confidence to take the leap in spite of my fears and all I can think is “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Shift from Survival Mode to POP Mode! 

You didn't come this far to just survive AND life's too short to be stuck in your comfort zone.


You've worked your butt off for the privilege to work, lead & live ON PURPOSE.