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So, Apparently I'm a Magician

Jun 01, 2022

Architects. Artists. Calligraphers. Chefs. Creators. Dancers. Engineers. Musicians. Photographers. Anyone who can make something physical or tangible out of an idea, a sketch, a blueprint...that's who I thought of as magicians. Though I consider myself a creative person, it's mostly ideas, solutions, strategy based. Today, Propel On Purpose Coaching turned 3yrs old - woo hoo! - and when I reflect on how I've turned concepts & ideas into an interactive workshop, an engaging coaching curriculum, or an empowering keynote...well, I am a damn magician, too!  More than that though, anyone who's ever built a business from some wild source planted within knows that what people see vs. what you do behind the scenes, is now doubt MAGICAL.

The idea for POP seeded10yrs ago!  I was a 20something that felt stuck & unhappy with her career, and wished I had someone to guide me through the process of figuring it out. As I explored different “passions” the idea of being a “Coach” was sprout it's first root.  At some point I started hosting “workshops” in my living room, mostly for my girlfriends who are always super supportive. Though incredibly supportive friends seemed to walk away feeling a little more inspired from our time together, I thought, "who do I think I am to coach anyone else when I haven't figured it out."  So I stopped pursuing the business idea that I had named, "Versatil" - versatile in Spanish, since my focus was helping Latinas live more balanced lives.

Instead of watering that seed, I pursued the "secure" path; a masters in Human Resources Management that I used to pivot from working in non-profit to Corporate America. For a decade, while learning how to manage my corporate career, that calling (to be serve as Coach) grew from a whisper to a full blown roar.  It was a slow evolution though. At first,  I spent the four years at one company where I felt just as stuck as I did before my masters.  Then I switched to a company who's values were more aligned with mine.  Once there, something clicked! I knew exactly what I needed to do to be successful in this new environment. Within 8mths I was promoted two levels up; 2yrs later, promoted again. Each time to a different role.

I was one of those rare people who was actively ENGAGED & ENJOYED their Corporate Career.  In fact, I decided to launch POP after I arrived at what I considered the pinnacle of my HR Career - my "dream job" - managing leadership development programs. Not because I hated my job & wanted to exit.  I LOVED my job, my colleagues, my LDPS and wanted to impact MORE people; my people (first-gens). 

On June 1st, 2019 - my half birthday - I decided to officially launch my coaching business, which was originally named “Move the Needle Career Coaching” as the sister business to my life partner’s business.  Later that year, after a few clients & more experience under my belt, I changed the name to Propel On Purpose Coaching!  The focus then was to help first-gens transitions to careers that were more aligned with their purpose.

For 2.5yrs, I ran my business in the early AM, late PMs and weekends.  Though there were periods of feeling overwhelmed, doing both, fueled one another. I received the highest performance ratings of my entire career, during this time, even though my team was often understaffed  AND then we got hit by global pandemic. Being immersed in the corporate world informed the insights, tools and guidance I shared with the POP community.  My industry knowledge and HR experience served as validation.  These two worlds had a symbiotic relationship that served it's purpose until it didn't and it was time to finally water that seed to a full, blown, beautiful plant!

I don't share this brag, rather to show you proof of what is possible when the work you do aligns purpose, power & potential.  In her book, Self-Made, fellow Cubanita Nely Galan says the goal is to "turn your pain into your power," and that is literally what I did; took the pain of all the challenges I faced as an poor, immigrant kid, first-gen student & professional, to create something that empowers others on a similar journey to find their purpose sooner, learn how to navigate their careers more easily, and get paid more for their contributions. MAGICIAN.

There's a magician in all of us. As you navigate your journey, I encourage you to water the seeds of your calling, wave your magic wand and POP!