I empower first gens to manage their career with a sense of purpose so they can continuously grow.

Hi there - I'm Anyelis,

Ex- HR talent manager turned Chief Coaching Officer! After a decade in Corporate America, I took the leap to FT business owner to address 3 major areas of opportunities:

1. Leadership Development Training with a multifaceted Diversity, Equity & Inclusion approach that empowers authenticity, innovation & impact.

2. Preparing first-gen college students to enter, compete in & become high-performing leaders in the workforce. 

3. Empowering first-gen professionals to courageously shift from "survival mode" to making transformational career & life choices through the lens of purpose.

Why Work with Me?

Before I try to impress you with my degrees, titles & achievements (don't worry, I share those below, 'cause I know how much they mean to us first-gens AND leaders of organizations), I want to share the 3 things about me that matter to YOU.

How I Cultivate COURAGE so YOU can Propel On PURPOSE

There are 3 ways in which I work with clients:


Whether it's a single coaching session, a small group coaching program or a coaching package, I assess your needs, listen intently & provide practical, culturally relevant solutions that positively impact your career & life.


Online or IRL, I facilitate workshops that are highly engaging, visually appealing, and interactive so that you're not only learning valuable content, you're also enjoying the development process.


I am a trained FEARLESS COMMUNICATOR who uses the power of storytelling to convey a compelling message & engage any audience size through a keynote address, panel discussion or feature.

Who I Work With

By now, you've noticed the power of 3...here are the 3 types of clients I empower:


From non-profits to small/mid-size businesses, from large corporations to their affinity ERG/BRGs, I have facilitated workshops, coached leaders and delivered keynotes for B2B clients across different industries.


Higher Ed Programs like EOF at Rutgers University Newark, Student Organizations like Montclair State University's LASO & even Greek Life Chapters have sponsored me to deliver career development workshops, coaching sessions & keynote speeches for first-gen college students.


Because being first-gen intersects all other dimensions of diversity, I've had the pleasure of coaching first-gen professionals across the spectrum. The first-gen experience also spans across sectors, industries & professions. And because coaching sessions are virtual, I coach clients across the country.

Trusted By

Here's a few of the different organizations that have trusted me to deliver career & leadership development services to their diverse audiences:

Achievements, Degrees & Titles

As an HR professional I understand that education & experience give credibility AND because I had to navigate the journey as the first, I take great pride in sharing.  Here's a highlight of experiences that validate why I'm qualified to develop other diverse leaders and coach first-gens: 

Career Trajectory

Top features

  • Started in Non-Profit Sector as Manager of the Hispanic Women's Resources Center, La Casa de Don Pedro, Org.
  • Earned Master's Degree, used it to pivot to Corporate America
  • 4yrs, 3 distinct HR roles in Financial Services Corp
  • 6yrs, 3 promotions, 3 HR roles in Fortune 100 Financial Services Corp
  • Last HR role was managing Leadership Development Programs for Early & Mid Career Talent
  • HR Experience spans across Diversity, Talent Acquisition & Talent Management 

Education & Accolades

  • B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, Drew University
  • 2 Study Abroad Programs: 1. Ecotourism in Ecuador; 2. African Roots in Brasil
  • Master's in Human Resources Management, College of Saint Elizabeth
  • Fearless Communicators Force 20 Participant2021
  • Hispanic Star - Times Square Feature, 2020
  • Women Unlimited Leadership Development Program Participant, 2019
  • HACR Young Hispanic Corporate Achievers Leadership Development Program Recipient, 2018


  • 100 Hispanic Women NJ, Board Member, 2022
  •  Cuban American Alliance for Leadership & Education, Board Member & LDP Lead, 2019-Present
  • America Needs You NJ, Advisory Board Chair, 2019
  • America Needs You NJ, Advisory Board Co-Chair, 2018
  • America Needs You NJ, Career Coach & Mentor Coach, 2016-2019

What Would My Best Clients Say About Me?

In a recent interview for a board service position, I was asked "how would your best friend describe you?" which is a great way to gain other's perspective AND see how aware someone is of their brand & value. Gratefully, I have the most incredible tribe & a few of my dearest friends have invested in my services. Here's what they have to say:

Ilyan, on how I coach 1:1

Anyelis blessed me with aha moments within 5 minutes into our first session. She was so relatable and created a safe space for me to be my authentic self. She challenged my thinking and I swear that during each of our sessions, she sprinkled a bit of her fierceness and confidence over me.  I am so grateful for Anyelis. She has been there to celebrate each of my milestones and because of her coaching, I finally had the confidence to take the leap in spite of my fears and all I can think is “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Patricia, on how I facilitate group workshops

I never considered career coaching to be something I would ever need. But after one session, my entire outlook changed. Anyelis’ approach to coaching is both refreshing and therapeutic. She has helped me realize where I truly want to land next in my career and has helped me overcome the limiting beliefs I’ve held surrounding the types of jobs I am qualified for.  Her group coaching program showed me that I am not alone in my quest to make a significant generational impact on this world. 

Jose, on how I speak

As curator of MoveTheNeedle Experiences, it is my responsibility to put people on stage that can connect with an audience, leave them with engaging thoughts to ponder and ultimately resonate with them. Anyelis Cordero checks all these boxes as shown by her keynote at MTN Experiences 2: Purpose. Majority of attendees shared post-event how her storytelling helped them resonate with their own personal experiences. She's eloquent, powerful and engaging. 20/10 

My Pearls in the World

Instead of "gems" I prefer to share "pearls" of wisdom because I think that how they form aligns with the first-gen experience - a mollusk creates something precious & beautiful out of a situation meant to compromise it's being. There are 3 pearls in the Propel On Purpose logo behind a champagne-like splash to denote popping out to the world.  As such, my intention is to share more pearls (wisdom that empowers first-gens) via different mediums.  Here are a few features where I share my pearls:

Let's Connect

If my journey resonates with you, I invite you to be a part of my POP Tribe & tune into more empowering pearls. Let's get social: